Hot-Tub-A-Thon is a small hot-tub marathon where brothers from our chapter sit in a hot tub for at least 24 hours, always having at least one brother in the hot-tub at all times. Other campus organizations pay a small admission fee to join the brothers and enjoy the hot tub and some quality conversation.

Easter Seals LogoOver time this event has evolved into what has now become a year-long campaign to raise as much money as possible for Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center. Events such as “bucket-shakes” where brothers collect small change donations on the more travelled streets of Evansville, soliciting local businesses for any charitable donations they may like to make, and even personal contributions from friends and family of our brothers have made the time leading up to the actual Hot-Tub-A-Thon event more fruitful than in the past.

Through the persistence and determination of our brothers, our annual philanthropy has quickly become one of the most successful philanthropic events on campus, raising more money annually than any other philanthropy hosted by any other student organization, and raising at least several thousand dollars more than the next most successful event. Hot-Tub-A-Thon has raised over $100,000 during its tenure and has become more successful every year. In 2014, our event was able to raise over $14,000 for Easter Seals to continue their work of creating learnin2g opportunities for the disabled, speech therapy for the deaf, and a chance at a normal life for many others.

To donate, please complete a donation through our PayPal account at the bottom of the page.