Recruitment FAQ

When joining a fraternity, there are a lot of things to consider and questions that need answers! Here, we hope you fill find answers to the most common questions, and if you cannot find an answer, feel free to use the contact information at the bottom of the page!

How can I sign up for formal recruitment?
Follow this link:

What is the schedule for UE formal recruitment?
UE formal recruitment will take place in late October. An official schedule can be found here:

How many events do I have to go to as a pledge?
The only required event you must attend is a weekly meeting to learn about the history of the Fraternity and the values of being a FIJI gentleman. Pledges are encouraged to attend many other events (Chapter meetings, Intramural Games, Brotherhood Development events, etc.) but nothing is mandatory.

How much does joining Phi Gamma Delta cost?
Your first semester in a fraternity is your most expensive due to a one time pledge fee and initiation fee. The first semester total cost is ???; chapter dues for the following semester will be ??? (subject to change with approval from chapter vote). To aid in the cost of joining FIJI, our International Headquarters offers a $250.00 scholarship to any individual who earns a 3.2 GPA in their pledge semester.

Is there any hazing in Phi Gamma Delta?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Phi Gamma Delta has a zero tolerance for any form of hazing. If you believe you were hazed, you can anonymously report it via the Hazing Hotline: 888-NOT-HAZE (888-668-4293) or through an online form:

Am I required to live in the house?
There is not a formal policy requiring brothers to live in the Chapter house; however, in order to keep rent at lower rates than campus housing, it is beneficial to keep the house near its capacity. Living in a fraternity house is not an inconvenience at all; many of our brothers have higher GPAs when living in the Chapter house as well as a stronger sense of brotherhood.

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