Annual Giving

Today, we doubt there’s a better way to celebrate this important date in our fraternity’s storied history than to formally announce and ask you to join the Epsilon Iota monthly donor group, FIJI Diamond Club. For years we have had various committees and organizations attempt to raise money for the chapter’s operating costs as well as for bigger long-term projects. We now have a solid giving campaign in place to help us achieve those same goals and to make our long term ones a reality.

Contributions collected in this fund will go toward a variety of investments in the chapter and in long term projects. You can see a breakdown below.

BreakdownYou can make a monthly donation of $5.00 (Purple Club), $10.00 (Gold Club) or $20.00 (Diamond Club). If none of these amounts fit your budget, feel free to give whatever you can. It will be much appreciated. Use the button below to donate. Send additional questions to Peter Hanscom or Ben Deutsch.